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We Are There For You All Year Long!


Clarkson Property Services Ltd. offers a wide variety of maintenance options for both residential and commercial properties, to help keep your lawn and garden healthy and your home looking great throughout the year. We use environmentally conscious methods to deliver efficient and reliable results. From having well maintained commercial equipment to using the highest quality fertilizers you will get consistent and pleasing results. Our commercial fertilizer products  are environmentally responsible with very little leaching or evaporation and are children & pet friendly. Our lawn maintenance starts the moment the snow melts and continues until the snow flies again in the Fall. The overall health of a lawn is greatly improved by providing it a strong start in the Spring and ensuring that each Fall it receives the proper care to prepare it for the harsh Winter ahead. Our exceptional service continues into the Winter as well. Leave the cold back breaking work of clearing snow and ice from your driveway or walkway to us.


Lawn Maintenance Services Available:


Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Cut to 3 inches in length weekly (same day weather permitting).  Proper mowing and trimming, with high quality equipment, sharp blades and at the proper height promotes healthy turf grass, as well as helps to reduce nuisance weeds. Trimming, when completed weekly, provides the “professional touch”.


Lawn Fertilization

Expertly controlled to maintain the required elements & nutrients at the precise times of year to dramatically improve overall lawn health, appearance, & strength needed to fight stress, drought, disease and other environmental factors.


Core Aeration

Allows oxygen, water &  nutrients to reach the roots; naturally helps control thatch; greatly improves turf grass rooting & overall plant health.


Power Raking/Dethatching

Removing dense layers of thatch makes grass healthier & less susceptible to disease & pest infestation.


Top Dressing

Enhances the soil with a natural infusion of nutrients to the soil base.



Improves lawn density & fills in bare or weak areas which naturally controls weeds.


Slit Seeding

Provides a superior & more effective approach to seeding by placing the seed at the desired depth in direct contact with the soil, therefore improving seed germination.



Laying of sod on new lawn surfaces or in areas of lawn repair.


Lawn Renovations

A blended package of the above services expertly & individually designed to target troublesome or damaged lawns.



Spring/Fall Services Available:


Spring and/or Fall Cleanups

Raking, removal & disposal of leaf & yard waste reduces the risks of disease and stress. Spring cleanups include power brooming, power raking, stick and debris collection, including disposal. Fall cleanups include seasonal pruning of perennials and grasses, collection and disposal of leaves.


Garden & Shrub Protection

Includes pruning, wrapping of trees & shrubs and the application of mulch to protect the delicate root system.


Pressure Washing

Cleaning of patios, decks & patio furniture to remove unsightly dirt and grime.



Winter Services Available:


Residential Driveway & Walkway Clearing

Clearing of 5cm or more of snow from driveways, porches & walkway on a seasonal/occasional basis.

Commercial/Industrial Snow Clearing

Seasonal and per visit snow clearing contracts available with terms based on specific needs.

Ice Management

Applications of de-icer products to control and minimize ice and snow build up.


Christmas Light Installation & Removal

Hanging and removal of holiday lighting from eaves & trees.